May 18

May 18-

Ruling planets-Venus and Mercury, Personal planet is Saturn; Taurus with Gemini tendencies.
Those born on May 18 favor a straightforward approach in everything that they do, possessed as they are by a driving urge to push onward, ever onward , rather than prevaricating or even stagnating. Their strong compulsion for direct action does not, however mean that these individuals are not profound thinkers: to the contrary, they are blessed with an outstanding intellectual ability to cut incisively to the heart of an issue and then, employing their remarkable analytical power, to build up on their own, often extremely effective, strategy with which to achieve their aims. And, because these are sensitive types who cannot bear to see injustice being done, and who are furthermore endowed with a keen sense of natural justice, their energies will often be directed toward the alleviation of suffering or the improvement of social system. Indeed, when convinced of their moral veracity in the face of a perceive abuse of power, those born today will not flinch from taking a brave stance and tenaciously preserving with their mission until the challenge has been overcome. Others admire their strength of intent and ability to inspire, and will thus frequently elevate them to position of responsibility, roles which they will discharge with dedication.
Individuals born on this day will flourish in any career in which they can attain tangible progress, but given their latent humanitarian and often philosophical leanings, they will find special satisfaction when they can provide guidance to others. Despite their predilection for independence of thought and action, these empathetic people who would rather not have to act in isolation, preferring instead to work as part of a harmonious and committed team, this being especially true in the case of women born on this day. Indeed, in both their professional and person liaisons they typically exhibit great charm, consideration, and loyalty, qualities that make them values coworkers, friends and family members.
Virtues: The dynamic force that results from their vigor and steadfastness, their methodical organizational talents and their considerable perspicacity and compassion combine to make today’s people committed humanitarians and energetic campaigners for progress.
Vices: These people tend to form unshakable convictions, which they will defend and seek to advance at all costs. One of the negative consequences of such intellectual obstinacy is that they may fail to recognize the respective merit of conflicting viewpoints.
Verdict: Those born on this day have two innate characteristics that they would be well advised to recognize and address: their paradoxical propensity to become intolerant of those who express different opinions, despite their otherwise fierce defense of victims of intolerance; and their predilection to wholeheartedly devote their energies to others. The latter is a laudable tendency but one which may ultimately have a detrimental effect on their own emotion physically well-being.’’

(Taken from the Birthday Book)

While you are sociable and confident, you have a spiritual side and a strong need for privacy. You are creative, unusual, passionate, and a tad mysterious, but ultimately very reliable and trustworthy. You possess tremendous business sense, and the determination to go after what you want. You are imaginative and know how to use your imagination in the business world. Famous people born today: Perry Como, Tina Fey, Frank Capra, Reggie Jackson, Chow Yun-Fat.

Day of Mars( Aries)
Today is the festival of Apollo, for Apollo, the god of the Sun. Celebrate the light of the new years of midwinter. Apollo is also the god of archery, agriculture, animal husbandry, crops, cattle, farmers, shepherds, sheep, poetry, medicine, prophesy and ethics. Tuesday is also the day of Horus, the Sun God.

Greek traditions:
Celebration in honor of Pan, the god of herdsmen.

Moon: Waxing Crescent.
The moon is in zodiac sign Cancer

Horoscope for today

Sun is in Taurus


concept – self nullification & reorientation
soul – right nostril
gift – progeny, seed
direction – east
color – yellow
basic energy – success
basic mystical energy – focusing will, psychic energy
element – fire/air
metal – gold
tree – birch (beith)/laurel
incense – frankincense, laurel, balm of Gilead, bayberry oil, olibanum
oil – cinnamon oil

gemstones – topaz, yellow diamond

animal – eagle, lion, cock, scarab

heliotrope, goldenseal, cinquefoil, saffron, ash, sunflower, dandelion, marigold, citrus, yarrow

light, darkness, work, accomplishment, travel, exile

hope, money, respect, fame, success

Original meaning: Patience
Be patient , protect yourself first , meet your basic needs. Delays or resistance may plague you for a while, but results will ultimately be positive. Look after your health.

Herb: Boneset

Medicinal uses: tonic, stimulant, coughs, colds, muscular aches

Extras: walkingonfire.blogspot,

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