July 17

July 17- the birthday of the master

CANCER – Your greatest challenge is to stop procrastinating.

Ruling Planet: The Moon, Personal Planets are Jupiter and Neptune.

“              The steely ambition of those born on this say is often marked by the easy-going friendliness and sociability that usually characterize their approach to their interpersonal relationships. This latter quality may manifest itself in the realm of the arts—to which their great sensitivity in any case renders them inherently sympathetic—or in the business or commercial world, to which their innovative ideas and practical skills suit them. And although some strong willed July 17 individuals are motivated by the desire to achieve personal success and thereby win admiration and acclaim, others are more focused upon bring about improvements for the societal group to which they have the closest affinity (their families or countries, for example) or, indeed, for humanity as a while. In all their endeavors they prefer to surround themselves with like minded teams rather than acting as sole agents( despite their marked independence of thought and innovated individuality). When enlisting the assistance of other people, they typically make good use of their intuitive ability to pick up on their emotions and thus adjust their approach accordingly.

Although their professional fixity of purpose may lead today’s people to adopt a somewhat manipulative stance towards their coworkers, within their personal lives they are generally relaxed and deeply affectionate toward their nearest and dearest—this is particularly true of the men born on this day. Indeed, it is when the pressure to achieve is off that their humor and talent to entertain come to the fore, for these individuals derive genuine pleasure from their ability to bring happiness to those they love with their joie de vivre and generosity.

Virtues: Their profound intuition is one of these people’s greatest talents, and they use it to remarkable effect in both their personal and professional dealings with others. Blessed also with apparently effortless intellectual perspicacity and practical skills, as well as with prodigious tenacity and determination, they have the potential to achieve success.

Vices: Because they are so goal-oriented, and furthermore have the inherent capacity to tune into minds and emotions of others, those born today have a prosperity to use their empathic gifts in a somewhat color and calculated fashion by deliberately molding the opinions of those around them to suit their own ends.

Verdict: If they are to attain the targets that they set for themselves without forfeiting the goodwill of others, it is vital that today’s people occasionally honestly examine the motives that underline their actions, to evaluate where these ultimately outweigh the importance of allowing others their inherent right to express conflicting convictions.’’

(Taken from the Birthday Book)

Saturday– Day of Seatere, Seater and Saturn and Loki.

Today is the birthday of the goddess Isis in the Egyptian Calendar; fertility of the land and its people and peace.
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concept – reshimu, the impression of emunah upon superconsciousness experience
soul – mouth
gift – grace, personality improvement
direction – center
color – blue and purple
basic energy – expansion
basic mystical energy – money
element – air/fire
metal – tin
trees – oak (duir)
incense – nutmeg, cedarwood oil, frankincense, juniper berry, hyssop, st. john’s wort
oil – nutmeg oil
gemstones – amethyst, sapphire
mundane animal – peacock, bull, eagle


mint, cedar, balm, olive, oak, clover, st. john’s wort, anise, solomon’s seal


life, peace, good, prosperity, religious feelings, joy, wealth, political advance


honor, wealth, health, peace, fame, power



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