May 19

May 19- the birthday of the convincing candidate

Taurus- Your greatest challenge is becoming less materialistic in your values.

Ruling Planet; Venus and Mercury, Personal planet is Saturn with Second cusp of Taurus with Gemini tendencies.

“          The Steadfast kindness and dependability of those born on this day, as well as their aura of capability and efficiency, marks them out as people to whom others turn for support and encouragement in times of difficulty. When asked to advise upon problems, they typically muster their prodigiously practical talents to devise realistic and yet positive solutions and then devote their energies wholeheartedly toward implementation. And, although they harbor extremely strong convictions, which are generally informed by their sense of natural justice, they pass on their opinions to others with a judicious use of tact, tailoring the manner in which they impact their ideas without ever compromising the essence of their beliefs. Such pragmatic characteristics, when combined with their humanitarian concern and idealism, suits those born on May 19 to a number of people oriented careers, including politics, teaching and the caring professions, and indeed, they will usually only find true satisfaction in work involving interpersonal contact.

These individuals will similarly assume a central role in their private lives, acting as rocks of stability and reliability, especially if they are also women, around which their more flighty friends and relations flit back and forth, always returning for support. Two dangers are thus presented: that these people’s sense of responsibility, protective urge and commitment to those nearest to them may sometimes cause them to suppress their own needs and desires in the interests of others; and that unless they are also able to purse their person interests their frustrated desire for independence may find a somewhat destructive outlet in the control of those around them.

Virtues: May 19 individuals manifest great concern for the well being of others, a propensity that may be expressed wither within the limited circle of the family, or toward humanity as a whole. The conjunction of their sensitivity and empathy, combined with their calm and sensible approach to life’s challenges, is particularly efficacious.

Vices:  If taken to its extreme, their otherwise laudable orientation toward serving the needs of others can have potentially negative consequences, such as physical and mental exhaustion. More dangerously, a simmering—if unconscious—resentment may arise when others, confident of their support, sometimes unthinkingly place burdens upon them.

Verdict: It is vital that these born today do not sacrifice their personal ambitions on the altar of altruism, a propensity that is conditioned by their reluctance to turn away those in need, and one which may ultimately prove pernicious. Ensuring that hey always make time for their own interest will give them a healthier emotional equilibrium and help to make their efforts more effective.’’

(From the Birthday Book)

You possess a regal manner, an exceptionally sharp intellect, and great independence. Others frequently turn to you for advice, and you make a gentle and effective leader. You follow your own belief system and are passionate for what and who you believe in. Famous people born today: Andre the Giant, Pete Townshend, Malcolm X, Nora Ephron.

Wednesday-The day of Woden, the god of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment and or war.
Callynteria began on  this day, the Feast of Adorning, in honor of Athena. The goddess Hathor returns to the land of Punt.
Today is also the day of Enki, god of sweet waters and wisdom.

Sun is in Taurus, Moon is in Leo
Moon: Waxing Crescent 42% full

Horoscopes for today


concept – ability to actualize potential
soul – left eye, upper eyelid
gift – life, health
direction – up
color – green
basic energy – socialization
basic mystical energy – relationships, balance, manifestation
element – water/earth
metal – copper
trees – apple/rowan (ceirt/luis)
incense – jasmine, egg white, rose petals, gum benzoin, red coral, lignum aloes
oil – musk oil, lilac oil
gemstones – emerald, amber
mundane animal – dove, swan, dolphin, fish


apple, elder, rosemary, sandalwood, rose, geranium, orris, eryngo, fig, almond


grace, love, lust, children, fruitfulness


love, passion, friendship, joy, safety, fertility

Rune: Thorn

Herb: Aloe
Medicinal uses: heal wounds, burns and mastitis


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