May 20

May 20- the birthday of continuous momentum

TAURUS -Your greatest challenge is learning to pace yourself.

Ruling Planets- Venus and Mercury. Personal planet is Saturn. Taurus with Gemini tendencies.

“              The apparently limitless energy of those born on May 20, and their appetite for savoring new intellectual or sensory experiences, arouses both awe and exhaustion in others. The awe is inspired by the variety of interests that fascinate them, and the exhaustion by the relentless pace with which they seek out and explore novel ideas, and situations. Yet despite the speed with which they move from subject to subject, from place to place, or from person to person, the knowledge that they gain is rarely superficial, for their quick wits and intuitive capability to absorb the essential elements of a concept enable them to process the information thus garnered into a coherent and remarkably accurate précis of the prevailing state of affairs. Moreover, when they encounter an are that truly absorbs them, and the humanitarian, philosophical or artistic spheres are especially propitious for those born on this day, they manifest tenacity for its development and implementation.

Despite their apparently ceaseless quest for stimulation, these people are typically steadfast, supportive and loyal in their personal relationships, although they may initially find it hard to commit themselves to a life partner. Not only is the welfare and happiness of their nearest and dearest—particularly their children, if they are parent—of paramount importance to these caring individuals, but they are furthermore blessed with an endearing joie de vivre, which has an enlivening effect on those around them. In return, the ties that they form with their long-standing friends and family members provide a grounding and supportive framework from which to launch themselves on their voyages of discovery.

Virtues: Their intellectual curiosity makes these individuals both interested and interesting. They combine their somewhat mercurial tendencies with a solidly logical and practical approach, as well as a profound appreciation of the importance of forming and nurturing strong emotional bonds.

Vices: There is a risk that unless they are able to cultivate a rigorous awareness both of those priorities that are truly important and their own needs for self-discipline and restraint, their predilection for seeking out new and exciting experiences will lead them into random and inconstant behavior patterns, ultimately causing them to feel dissatisfied.

Verdict: Although these people generally understand the importance of maintaining balance in every area of their lives, they should be aware of, and moderate, their propensity to pursue too many fascinating ideas simultaneously; otherwise, they may spread themselves too thinly.”

(taken from the Birthday Book)

You possess much strength of character, warmth, sensuality, and intuition. While grounded and steady overall, you have a flair for the dramatic. You are exceptionally self-aware, and spend your life learning, largely through intuition and observation. You are loving and kind, but seldom forget a slight. Famous people born today: Honore de Balzac, Cher, James Stewart, Dolly Madison.

Thursday– the day of Thunor or Thor, the god of thunder and agriculture. Today is the old Welsh tide of gwechwydd, the modern tide of eventide. Thursday holds the virtues of parenting, joyousness, spirit, family and children. A good day for ritual contents and battle, also the second day of the Callynteria in Athen, Feast of Adorning in honor of Athena.

Sun is in Taurus, Moon is in Leo

Moon: 51% full- First Quarter

Horoscopes for Today


concept – oral communication of knowledge
soul – left ear, lower eyelid
gift – authority, dominance, advancement
direction – down
color – yellow
basic energy – speed
basic mystical energy – communication, movement, mental energy, analysis, service
element – water/air
metal – mercury/aluminum
trees – hazel/ash (coll/nuin)
incense – storax, mace, sandalwood, cinnamon, sassafras, wormwood
oil – lavender oil
gemstones – fire opal, agate
mundane animal – jackal, ape, ibis, serpent


wormwood, valerian, dill, carraway, vervain, horehound, fennel, lavender, mandrake


wisdom, skill, writing, language

Rune: Isa

Herb: Woodruff


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