May 21

May 21 – the birthday of the can-do attitude


Your greatest challenge: learning to balance giving and receiving.

Friday the day of Frigga, or Venus, the goddess of love and transformation. The old Welsh tide of echwydd, the modern tide of undorne. The wind of Africus, the direction of south-west, the virtue of receptivity. Today is also Plato’s Birthday, and day of Tefnut, Callynteria.

Plato’s is the Greek philosopher; his contribution is honored by his own crater on the moon. Today is a festival in honor of Tefnut, in the Egyptian calendar. Tefnut is the primal goddess of rain and moisture, created by Atum, her brother Shu, the god of sunlight.

This is the third day of the Callynteria,, in honor of Athena; the feast of adorning.

You are exceptionally witty, playful, and possess a youthful quality to your personality your entire life. You are highly creative on a mental level, have an excellent memory, and love a good debate. Sometimes short on patience, you might feel that others don’t move as quickly in thought as you do. However, you are also a people person. Famous people born today: Plato, Henri Rousseau, Mr. T, Raymond Burr.

Horoscopes for today


concept – clarification & rectification of the “yesh” of creation
soul – left nostril
gift – serenity, peace
direction – west
color – black and midnight blue
basic energy – restriction, authority, crossroads
basic mystical energy – banishing, rewards
element – earth/water
metal – lead
trees – alder/cypress (fearn-)
incense – civet, myrrh, cinnamon, rue, mullein, yew berries, patchouli, cypress leaves
oil – patchouli oil
gemstones – obsidian, onyx, black pearl
mundane animal – crow, raven, crocodile


aconite, yew, cannabis, hemlock, thyme, deadly nightshade, jimson weed, cypress


poverty, destruction, internal injury, sickness


harvest, long life, protection, stability, safety

Rune:  Jera/Gear

Ending-renewal, harvest.

Herb:  Ivy


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