Celtic Tree Calendar

Reed Moon:

Qualities– feminine.Home, hearth, Winter Moon, truth, protection, family love. October 28- November 24.

Elder Moon:

Qualities-masculine. Prosperity, banishing, healing, completeness. November 25- December 22.

Birch Moon:

Qualities-feminine. The beginning, protection of children, purification, creativity. December 24- January 20.

Rowan Moon:

Qualities– masculine. Healing, vision, spirit, personal empowerment, divination. January 21- February 17.

Ash Moon:

Qualities– feminine. Protection, waters, healing. February 18- March 17.

Alder Moon:

Qualities– masculine. Self guidance, teaching, duty, mental clarity, weather magick. March 18- April 14,

Willow Moon:

Qualities– feminine. Healing, protection, fertility, love and relationships, balance, the Witches Moon, the Women’s Moon. April 15- May 12.

Hawthorn Moon:

Qualities-masculine. Fertility, restraint, summer, peace, binding. May 13- June 9.

Oak Moon:

Qualities-masculine. Strength, security, fidelity, all purposes, the Men’s Moon. June 10- July 17

Holly Moon:

Qualities-feminine. Polarity, protection, prophesy, animals, sex magick. July 8- August 4.

Hazel Moon:

Qualities-feminine. The Wise one, the Crone, spirit contact, manifestation, fertility, protection, wisdom. August 5- September 1.

Vine Moon:

Celebration, the turning wheel. Blackberry (Protection, and prosperity), Blueberry (spirituality, dream magick), Grape (fertility, prosperity, binding, inspiration, imagination), Thistle (courage, strength, protection). September 2- September 29.

Ivy Moon:

Qualities– masculine. Healing, resilience, protection, cooperation,. September 30- October 27.

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