May 23

May 23– the birthday of the seductive solution

GEMINI- Your greatest challenge: learning to say no

SUNDAY- the day of the sun god, Helios, Apolloa, Ognmios, Mithrras or Phoebe. Today is the old Welsh tide of echwdd,, the wind of Africus , the direction of south-west.

Ruling planets: Mercury, Venus, Personal planet is Mercury with Gemini and Taurean tendencies.

“          The vibrancy, enthusiastic outlook and great personal charm exuded by those born today make them popular and magnetic characters who seem to effortlessly draw others to them, inspiring affection and admiration in equal measure. A further potent ingredient that adds to their overall appeal is their orientation toward other people, a leaning inspired by their empathy, their genuine concern for the well-being of others, their natural gregariousness and, to some extent, their desire for approval. Yet it is not only other individuals that excite the interest of the intellectual inquisitive people, for their insatiable curiosity instills in them the urge to discover as much as they can of life’s mysteries, and furthermore to pit their skills against any challenges that they encounter. They typically combine their sharp wits with highly imaginative minds, as well as a redoubtable talent for practical action, a hands on approach that is particularly marked if they were also born in the Chinese year of the Goat.

Their humanitarian bias, artistic sensibilities, acute intellectual powers, and urge to effect progress, equip them for a variety of careers, including those within the caring professions, the performing arts and also diplomacy for today’s people are gifted communicators. Whatever career they choose to pursue, however, they will usually only flourish if their work involves significant interpersonal contact. Similarly, they will usually wish to be actively involved the lives of those closest to them—a predilection that is very pronounced in the women born on this day—and will have the outstanding ability both to enliven and provide close support to their personal relationships. They should temper a certain compulsion to behave impulsively without having fully thought through the implications of their actions.’’

Virtues: Those born today are blessed with a rare combination of intellectual incisiveness and solidly practical capabilities, a conjunction that is auspicious in terms of achieving their aims. They furthermore augment these talents wit ha a genuine concern for others, and a deeply felt urge to place their prodigious energy at the service of other people.

Vices: There are two main characteristics that these individuals must regulate if they are not to become extreme: the first is their tendency to flit impulsively from subject to subject without exploring any in sufficient depth; the second is their propensity to involve themselves in the affairs of others, which may be perceive as being overly controlling.

Verdict: In order to gain maximum self-fulfillment in all areas of their lives, these people should occasionally take time out from their activities to indulge in brief periods of introspection. In doing so, they should not only honestly examine the motivations that underlie their behavior toward others, but they should also strive to identify and focus on what is it that they truly desire in life.’’

(taken from the Birthday Book)

You are versatile, witty, creative, and full of spunk. You have a lot to teach but simply enjoy sharing your knowledge and ideas with others. People love your sense of humor and playfulness. At times you can be unreliable, simply because you have more ideas than you can put into action. Starting a new project is your forte. Famous people born today: Joan Collins, Jewel, Drew Carey, Margaret Fuller, Artie Shaw.


concept – purpose
soul – right eye
gift – wisdom
direction – south
color – white/silver (and blue)
basic energy – emotions
basic mystical energy – protection, psychism
element – water
metal – silver
tree – willow/saille
incense – lemon balm, myrrh, eucalyptus
oil – myrrh
gemstones – moonstone, quartz, marble, holey stones, geodes
mundane animal – cat, hare, deer, wolf


seaweed, aloes, watercress, lemon, jasmine, lotus, mushroom, poppy, lunaria, cucumber


holds keys to heaven & earth, surrogate for good & evil, one-sidedness, leadership, dependence, secretiveness, manic-depressiveness


dreams, theft prevention, prophecy, security, short journeys & removals, sense-reactions


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