This section is for the Cauldron Extras Blog & Within the Cauldron’s Main site News & Updates- any important information

This past month , the site has gone through a whole lot of changes, and gained even more updates, features , members and more.
  • We now have a built in chat toolbar, thanks to Meebo & Webs. Hooray!
  • The site has a new look & feel, with new menu system, News section, Guestbook, Calendar
  • Also new posts in the forum, go check it out and make some posts. We are dying to hear from you!
  • New Banners (see homepage). If you like them, feel free to spread the word, and add one of the custom made banners to your site. Care to make one for ‘The cauldron’? Go right ahead!~
  • Blog on WordPress for further in depth posts fitting our needs. Have you checked it out lately? You can subscribe to either the posts on this site (news & forums) and on WordPress, so you are never out of the loop and feel left behind.
Having problems with the site, or care to leave some feedback pertaining to this post? Go right ahead, it is encouraged~!
Interesting questions you may want to answer:
  1. How do you feel about the chat function?
  2. Did you find anything interesting and exciting in the News and Blog sections? If not, please say what you would like to read about.
  3. Are you planning on joining us, becoming a student or otherwise?
  4. What events would you like to see on the Cauldron’s Calendar?
  5. Would you mind if your birthday was announced?
~Thanks again,

June 5 News/Updates

Hello everyone, hope we are all enjoying your lovely Saturday. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTY ALLEN**
The site has gone through few very few changes and things, and I am sorry about that.
Due to some net issues, hacking and my homework load I have not been able to work on the site and or the Cauldron Blog very much lately, I apologize for that. However, I have a question for all of you.
I recently noticed the MEEBO chat toolbar (at the bottom) can only be seen to those of you who are logged in / have an account do you feel about that? Would you guys like to have the home page of this site, or any other for that matter to be open to all?..In other words ,when you go to this site, you will NOT be first prompted to login until you wish to.
Does anyone have any issues at hand, or questions they are wanting to ask?
Feel free to ask them 😉 enjoy your weekend everyone, and your (possible) warm weather!
P.S. As a note, by summer prox. middle of June I should be on my break and have more time devoted to the class and site and other important things. Also I am hoping, If things go right, the class should be open by then.

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  1. hey whats your myspace page.

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