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Celtic Tree Calendar Reed Moon: Qualities– feminine.Home, hearth, Winter Moon, truth, protection, family love. October 28- November 24. Elder Moon: Qualities-masculine. Prosperity, banishing, healing, completeness. November 25- December 22. Birch Moon: Qualities-feminine. The beginning, protection of children, purification, creativity. December … Continue reading

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Celtic Meditations

Celtic Meditation for the May 23 The Security of Home A house where rain does not pour,  A place where spear-points do not threaten, As bright as a garden but whit no fence about it.—– “Suibhne Geilt,” anon. Irish poem (trans. … Continue reading

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This section is for Pagan/Wiccan/Celtic Holidays or other days of special meaning. Also for songs, poems for or about each individual holiday. Celebrating the Seasons Samhain [SOW-in/ sew-WIN] Other names: Halloween, All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, All souls, Day … Continue reading

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